KS4 CNAT Sports Science

CNAT Sport Science

Do you have a keen interest in a variety of sports? Ever wanted to look into the world of a physiotherapist? Ever wondered what it would be like to understand levels of fitness? Ever wanted to design a fitness programme? What about designing a nutritional plan for an athlete?

The Cambridge National in Sport Studies takes a more sector-based focus, whilst also encompassing some core sport/physical education themes. By choosing this course, students will be given the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge about different types of sport and physical activity and develop their skills.

They will learn about injuries and rehabilitation in sport, allowing them to gain an understanding of common sports injuries, how they are caused and how they can be treated. They will then understand the different components of fitness, including how they are tested and how they impact on various sports. Alongside this, they will use their knowledge of fitness, to design a fitness plan for an athlete. Finally, they will develop understanding of how nutrition can support athletes, and apply their knowledge to design nutritional advice to an athlete.

Throughout the two-year course, students will study three units (listed below). Each of the units offer students different opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the practice and the theory behind the modern-day sporting world. The way in which students are assessed differs for each of the units and is outlined below:

In Year 10, students study the following topics:

R181: Applying the principles of training: fitness and how it affects skill performance

  • Components of fitness applied in sport
  • Principles of training in sport
  • Organising and planning a fitness training programme
  • Evaluate own performance in planning and delivery of a fitness training programme.

R183: Nutrition and sports performance

  • Nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced nutrition plan
  • Applying differing dietary requirements to varying types of sporting activity
  • Developing a balanced nutrition plan for a selected sporting activity
  • How nutritional behaviours can be managed to improve sports performance

Year 10 MTP 1

Year 10 MTP 2

Year 10 MTP 3

Year 10 MTP 4

Year 10 MTP 5

Year 10 MTP 6

Year 10 MTP 7

Year 10 MTP 8

R180: Reducing the risk of sports injuries and dealing with common medical conditions

  • Different factors which influence the risk and severity of injury
  • Warm up and cool down routines
  • Different types and causes of sports injuries
  • Reducing risk, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and medical conditions
  • Causes, symptoms and treatment of medical conditions.

Year 11 MTP 1

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