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Coronavirus - How to explain the virus to children with sen.

Whilst we are all struggling to adapt to life changes caused by the Coronavirus, it is important to think about younger children and those with SEN.

Often children with SEN, particularly those with autism, can find understanding things more difficult than other children. Here is a leaflet that helps more simply and in a way that can help promote better understanding. Click on each picture to enlarge.

SEN in SChool

At Meden School, we value the abilities and achievements of all our pupils. We understand that many pupils will have special educational needs at some time in their school life but with the right support and intervention all pupils are able to experience and enjoy positive achievement.

Legislation ensures that a Special Needs Code of Practice is followed by all schools to provide appropriate opportunities for pupils with special needs. We welcome this framework at Meden School to ensure that each pupil's needs are met with existing resources.

Most children find that they can progress with the help of their subject teachers and tutor, but some will need extra support. Our Classroom Learning Assistants work in partnership with teaching and pastoral staff, parents and carers, external inclusion support services and outside agencies.

Withdrawal from classes is sometimes required for extra teaching or focused reading and writing support; we aim to inform staff and students in advance and to keep lesson disruption to a minimum. We will also contact parents and carers to keep you informed of any extra support being offered to your child.

Impact Centre

The Impact Centre is located on the right of the pathway up to Eastwood block. We have facilities here for supporting students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and provide individual/group work, focused reading and writing programmes, social and emotional support sessions, ICT learning/testing, and a parents meeting area and it is staffed from 8.00am until 3.40pm. We run break and lunchtime clubs for vulnerable students and encourage young people to socialise and feel comfortable in their relaxation time.

Progress Centre

The Progress Centre is located upstairs next to B4. The space here is used by Pastoral Support Assistants for planned curriculum support sessions, such as 1-1 coursework catch up, pastoral support and shared inclusion support programmes. A vulnerable learners lunchtime club is also offered to some students.

In the Classroom

We work in partnership with teaching staff to enable an inclusive and personalised learning experience for all our students. Individual Education Plans are in place for some students with a special educational need or disability, these outline individual strategies for personalised Teaching and Learning in the classroom.

With You!

We work in partnership with parents and carers so you feel confident that we are doing the best for your child, so feel free to contact us at any time. If you telephone you may have to leave a message, but we will get back to you, alternatively you can email Mrs Charlton ccharlton@medenschool.co.uk (SENCo) or Mrs Hague mhague@medenschool.co.uk (Inclusion Manager) with any concerns or queries.

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