• The school has high standards when it comes to uniform
  • Pupils’ individual standards:
    – Be smart
    – Stand out from the crowd
  • Blazer and tie can be purchased from our uniform supplier (Academy School Uniforms)

Meden uniform is available from the online shop. Please use the following link to set up an account:

Meden Uniform Ordering Site

Please note that whilst the online ordering system does offer a selection of uniform items (for instance, trousers/skirts/shirts/shorts/PE socks), you are not obliged to order these items here but can in fact purchase them anywhere you wish to, providing they meet the required standard below.

If any parents/carers do not have access to the internet or have any other issues ordering the uniform then please contact our finance officer Mrs Wass who can help you with this.

​​School Dress Code

We pride ourselves with high standards of dress in school and ask for the co-operation of students and parents in maintaining these. A high standard of dress impacts on the working ethos of the school and how the wider community views our students.

School Blazer Black with school badge - only available using our online system. Sleeves must not be rolled up.

Boys Blazers Girls Blazer

School Tie Meden School tie. - available using our online system.

Trousers Black (trousers should be properly tailored cloth, NOT tight-fitting, skinny fit or hipsters).

Skirt Black knee-length skirt (skirts must not be shorter than knee-length or tight-fitting).

Shirt White formal shirt with stiff collar – NO fitted shirts or blouses (shirts must be tucked in at all times).

Jumper Black v-neck (optional) – NOT cardigans.

Shoes Plain black lace-up or slip-on (heels no more than 2") – NO trainers or boots to be worn.

Coat Plain dark raincoat, duffel or anorak. A discreet logo is allowed. Hoodies are not permissible and will be confiscated from the student.

Hat Hats should NOT be worn in and around the school building.

Jewellery Students should NOT wear jewellery except a wrist watch and one pair of small stud earrings (only one earring per ear)

Hairstyles Hairstyles should be neat and presentable. Natural hair colours only – NO extreme styles including patterns shaved into hair. The school will be the final arbiter of the term 'extreme'.

Make-up Should not be worn at KS3 (Yr. 7 & 8). Subtle make-up can be worn at KS4 (Yrs. 9, 10 & 11). Students will be asked to remove any make up that is judged to be unsuitable or that does not adhere to these guidelines

Belt Plain black discreet belts are permissible.

It is appreciated that a considerable amount of money is spent on school uniform and the staff want to help to keep it clean and wearable. If a student can provide an old shirt or apron for use in Art and Craft it will prevent accidents that may occur when using paint and clay.

PE Kit


  • Polo PE top- Meden branded - available from our online ordering system only

Optional items

  • Navy/Black PE shorts (not cycling shorts) - can be purchased on our online system but any plain items acceptable
  • Navy PE Socks (football socks) - can be purchased on our online system
  • shin pads
  • trainers

Fleece Meden branded - available from our online ordering system only

Navy/Black jogging bottoms - plain

Mouth guard (highly recommended)

football boots ( highly recommended when playing football/rugby)

Special Consideration

Parents/Carers can apply in writing to the School Governing Body if they wish their child(ren) to wear different items for religious, cultural or health reasons.

Uniform and Equipment

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