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How do we communicate with our parents/ carers about our students’ learning?

At Meden School we want to work with our parents/ carers to support the learning of our students. We communicate in a range of way about student learning.

Information Evenings

We use Information Evenings to share with our parents and carers the thinking behind our teaching and assessment.

Information Evenings can apply both across year groups when focused on effective teaching, learning and retrieval, and within year groups when focused on the teaching and assessment schedule for a particular year group.

We also use our Meden Explained videos to explain key important areas of the school, including teaching and assessment. Click here to view our Meden Explained videos.

Home Learning

Home learning develops students' study habits and independent learning. Research shows that homework also benefits factual knowledge, self-discipline, attitudes to learning and problem-solving skills.

Teachers set home learning every week. A home learning timetable has been created for students to access and follow. All home learning is set via My Child At School (MCAS) where you will find information about what the home learning is to complete and when it should be completed. Click here for home learning information.

Assessment & Progress Information

All acedemic assessment and progress information about your child can be found on My Child At School (MCAS). For all assessment certificate information please click here for the Exam Office

Parents’ Evenings

For information on Parents Evenings please watch the video and/or download the parent's evening guide here.

Parents Evening will run from 4pm until 7pm and appointments are 5 minutes in length. The dates of the Progress Evenings are as follows:

Year 7 Thursday 16th May 2024

Year 8 Thursday 2nd May 2024

Year 9 Thursday 8th February 2024

Year 10 Thursday 21st March 2024

Year 11 Thursday 30th November 2023

Year 12 Thursday 18th January 2024

Year 13 7th December 2023

How will I know if my child is falling behind?

We are regularly monitoring the learning routines of our students and building feedback on this into our reporting. If we are concerned that your child is doing ‘just enough’ or ‘not enough’ in terms of:

  • attention in lessons
  • deliberate practice in classwork of homework

We will let you know so that we can work together to address this.

Who should I contact if I want to find out more?

Minor academic concerns: The first point of contact for minor concerns is your child’s subject teacher for a specific subject concern or their form tutor for a more general minor academic concern.

More serious academic concerns: For more serious subject concerns please contact the relevant Curriculum Team Leader. See our staff page for who to contact.

For more serious general academic concerns please contact your child’s Achievement Lead or the Head of College.

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