From Monday 22nd June, a formal timetable & 1:1 sessions will commence for Y10 & Y12 students by invitation only. The provision for children of key workers & vulnerable students continues.

Welcome to the MFL Department!

The Faculty

The Faculty offers French as the only modern language at present, but with teaching capacity for other languages already available in the team, we hope to diversify and to be able to offer a second language in the near future.

The language facility is based in a suite of well resourced classrooms over two floors. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and a digital projector and the use of ICT plays an integral role in our teaching of languages. When possible, teachers take pupils to the ICT suites to enable them to access authentic resources via the Internet and deepen their intercultural understanding of the country where the language is spoken. The students are taught in ability groups in KS3 and in mixed ability option groups in KS4 and KS5.

The Curriculum

Students in M1, M2 and M3 of year 7 and year 8 have 2 lessons of French per week, whereas students in M4 and M5 of year 7 and year 8 have just one French lesson per week.

Students who then choose to continue with French as a GCSE option across years 9, 10 and 11 will each have 3 lessons of French per week

With the inclusion of a language in the English Baccalaureate, pupils with the necessary ability will be guided towards opting for a language at Key Stage 4. Students can choose to continue their French studies to A level and we currently have groups at both AS and A2.

We use ‘Studio 1 and 2’ to deliver the KS3 French course which offers a wealth of interactive ICT opportunities for our pupils. We offer the GCSE course in French following the new AQA GCSE specification and pupils have access to on-line resources via “Kerboodle”. At A level we continue to follow the AQA specification for French and use the AQA course book ‘Élan’ to deliver both the AS and the A2 curriculum.

Lessons are delivered using a wide variety of teaching methods, including role play, mime, games and electronically produced materials. The target language is also regularly used to give instructions and to communicate in the classroom.

At KS3 we deliver a range of exciting projects to support the curriculum, from painting in the style of Monet to playing making an avatar of yourself and programming it to speak French!

At KS4 we have integrated more ‘project style’ teaching into our controlled assessments in order that they become a more culturally rich experience for students. These include the study of French cinema and key towns and cities in Francophone countries.

In order to learn your work in the most effective way you will have been taught a number of effective memorising techniques. Please click here to download a copy of these techniques.

At KS5 pupils are encouraged to deepen their knowledge of the history and culture of francophone countries and to complete extensive research into areas of personal interest for the researched based element of the oral and written units.

We are a small, enthusiastic faculty of 3 staff, dedicated to the awaking of a love of languages in our pupils!

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