From Monday 23rd March, until further notice Meden School will only be open for children of key workers and vulnerable groups. Please check the website daily for more updates.


The table below shows all school staff in alphabetical order, the departments in which they teach (where applicable) and any special responsibilities held.

Executive Head Teacher

Mr R HawleyExecutive Head Teacher

Head of School

Mr J SmithDesign & TechnologyHead of School

School Leaders

Mrs L BrettDesign & Technology
Modern Foreign Languages
Deputy Head
Miss L Clenaghan [H/W]EnglishAssociate School Leader / Head of English
Mr C Gibbison [H/W]Physical EducationAssistant Head
Miss K Hickinbotham [H/W]Physical EducationAssociate School Leader / Head of Year 9
Miss A Madher [H/W]SMSC / British Values
Associate School Leader / Curriculum Leader of Humanities

Teaching Staff

Mr C BaileyDesign & TechnologyTeacher of Technology
Mr T Bentley [H/W]History
SMSC / British Values
Teacher of History, Coordinator for me@meden
Mr S Bird [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mr W Byrne [H/W]Geography
Teacher of History/Geography
Miss L Clogg [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss L Coe [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mrs L CohenDesign & TechnologyTeacher of Technology
Miss R Coleman [H/W]Inclusion
Sendco, Teacher of English
Mrs E Corns [H/W]ScienceAssistant Head of College/ Teacher of Science
Miss V Crossland [H/W]ScienceSecond in Science
Mrs F Garlick [H/W]Physical EducationHead of Year 11/ Head of PE
Mrs H GibneyEnglishKS5 English Co-ordinator
Mr M Hamer [H/W]Business
Physical Education
Head of Year 7 / Teacher of Business Studies & PE
Ms L HunterScienceTeacher of Science
Mr S Hyatt [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss S Johnson [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Miss C Jones [H/W]EnglishSecond in English
Mr C Kendrick [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Miss K Kinney [H/W]MathematicsHead of Maths
Mrs K Knight [H/W]Business
SMSC / British Values
Curriculum Leader of ICT/Business
Miss L LarkinPerforming Arts
Teacher of English
Mr M Levitt [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mr M McCartneyEnglishHead of Media
Mrs L MichellPerforming ArtsCurriculum Leader of Drama
Miss M NewbyDesign & TechnologyTeacher of Technology
Mr N OxfordICT & ComputingTeacher of ICT
Mr M PlumbleyDesign & TechnologyTeacher of DT
Mrs Z Rowland [H/W]Modern Foreign LanguagesTeacher of French
Mr L Salway [H/W]HistoryTeacher of History
Mr D ScarsbrookDesign & TechnologyCurriculum Leader of DT
Miss O Singleton [H/W]EnglishTeacher of English
Miss S Slack [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Ms H SmithSociology
Teacher of Psychology/Sociology/Geography
Mr S Stower [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths/Timetabler
Mr M Sylvester [H/W]GeographyTeacher of Geography
Miss T TaplinEnglishHead of Year 10/ Teacher of English
Mr K UptonScienceTeacher of Science
Miss T Vine [H/W]ScienceHead of Science
Mrs N Wallett [H/W]EnglishTeacher of English/ Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs L Warman [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss C WildGeographyHead of Year 8
Ms R Williamson [H/W]EnglishTeacher of English
Mr M WraithMathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss K ZaccardelliArtLead Teacher of Art

Classroom Learning Assistants

Mrs C AshleyInclusionHLTA
Mrs D BrewinInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mrs A HindInclusionHLTA
Ms K HopkinInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mr W LimbInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Miss R LowInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Miss J PalingInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Miss K ParkinInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mr L ShorterInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mrs E StreetsInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant

Administrative Staff

Mrs K BeresfordReceptionist
Mrs G BradleyData and Assessment Manager
Mrs T CoulsonOperations Manager
Mrs L DyeReceptionist
Mr K FarnworthReprographics
Mr T GibbonStrategy Support Manager
Miss A GreenOperations Apprentice
Mrs A JonesData & Assessment Assistant
Mrs S RobinsonAccounts Clerk
Mrs E WassAdministrative Assistant

Ancillary and Technical Staff

Dr H AmiriScienceScience Technician
Mrs R KennedyLibrary Assistant
Mr S MounseySenior Technology Technician

Student Services

Mrs H FairweatherHome School Attendance Co-ordinator
Mrs T GuyAttendance Officer
Mrs M HagueInclusion
Inclusion Manager
Mr G HarrisPhysical EducationBehaviour Manager
Mrs B RogersBehaviour Manager

Site Team

Mr M PettittSite Manager


Miss K CarrCleaning Supervisor
Mrs L EllisCleaner
Mrs W GillCleaner
Mrs J HigginsonCleaner
Mrs J JarrettCleaner
Mrs E RanbyCleaner
Mrs G ReillyCleaner
Mrs M RootCleaner
Mrs D TrumanCleaner

Midday Supervisors

Mrs S ColesMidday Supervisor
Mrs M MitchinsonMidday Supervisor

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