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Welcome to Art

In the Art Department at Meden we aim for excellence in the visual arts and hope to produce well informed and confident artists by providing students with a stimulating environment and a board and varied curriculum. We expect all students to do their best as they explore, develop and refine new skills and there is a strong emphasis on all students to take ownership of their learning and achievement. Students are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively through independent learning, practical application and reflection.

At KS3 students develop skills in observational drawing, printmaking, painting and sculpture, as well as analysing and research both contemporary and traditional artists. Students build core skills through colour theory, mark making, composition and making, whilst exploring themes such as portraiture, Pop Art, natural forms & insects, gargoyles and landscapes.

At KS4 students extend skills formed in KS3 with the introduction of photography and digital based media. There is an emphasis on recording, developing, refining and presenting. Students gain an understanding of the course structure and how to use a sketchbook effectively in Year 9, then go onto explore more personal avenues in Year 10. In year 11 students refine their coursework before preparing for the Externally Set Assignment.

At KS5 students are encouraged to be independent artists and are given the opportunity to really develop their own personal style. Students receive much more individually tailored lessons.

The Art Department hold an annual exhibition to showcase the student’s achievements and we have a strong profile in the school by displaying work outside of the Department.

Extension activities and workshops are provided for the gifted and talented students. Recently this included a printmaking workshop & an Animation Workshop at the National Mining Museum in Wakefield. We also organise annual trips to local galleries. In July students visited the Harley Gallery to observe and respond to the work of Olivier Marc Thomas Leger. His work included surreal, imaginative drawings exploring ecology, biology and nature.

There is a projector in both of the art classrooms and we have a Meden Pinterest account to encourage students to explore the modern world of technology and how it can be used to support the arts.

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