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The purpose of Media Studies within Meden’s curriculum is to explore how this creative industry has the power to influence, shape and change our lives. The UK’s creative industry alone is now worth over £100 billion per year to the UK economy and along with the digital and tech sector, the U.K.s creative industries are flying the flag for the best of British creativity at home and abroad and are at the heart of our economy. In today’s ever-evolving world of social-networking, advertising and digital technology, there has never been a more important time to study Media to help understand and navigate this constantly shifting landscape and the power and impact it has on us.

Media studies aims to provide students with opportunities to engage more critically with this industry, to question the motives and messages embedded within the media products they consume on a daily basis. Through studying various forms of technology throughout KS4 and 5, students will be given opportunities to respond to industry style briefs and create their own media products which in turn will help prepare students potentially thinking of working in the creative industry in the future.

Another advantage of studying the Media is that it will help develop students’ social-awareness and encourage them to become more socially and politically informed of the world around them. This means exploring the impact that technology can have on people’s lives and broadening students’ understanding of how media can have both a negative and positive impact on the world around them. Topics explored include changing representations in advertising, the power of the press, cyber-bullying and the impact of social-media platforms, advertising in the digital age, internet regulation, air-brushing and fake news to name just a few. The topics explored in Media Studies are very diverse but more importantly than this, they are current and relevant to the world students are living in every day. Media studies seeks to provide students with the skills and knowledge to look beneath the surface of how this world operates and to become more inquisitive of the hold it can have over them.

Media studies is not offered at KS3 as a stand-alone subject, however students will be able to explore key Media related topics/concepts by studying ICT and Computer Science.

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