Welcome to the Science Department


The Science Department is striving to offer an excellent science education to students of all ages and abilities. Our staff are subject specialists and are driven by the desire to ensure that all learners make good progress in every lesson. We have high expectations of our students in terms of behaviour, attitude and effort. The science staff are always available to support parents and carers in achieving the best possible outcomes for their children.

It is our intention to have a curriculum which is taught in an engaging, stimulating and intellectually challenging environment which will:

  • Provide a knowledge-rich curriculum which generates an inquisitive, healthy curiosity of the world and its place in the universe and a sense of wonder at its complexity and beauty.
  • Promote respect for the living and non-living world and the essential role science has to play in the conservation and protection of the world’s natural resources.
  • Develop the scientific skills required to understand the uses and implications of scientific developments now and in the future.
  • Increase scientific literacy and engagement with science in the news, developing the knowledge, wisdom and skills required to make informed decisions based on evidence and fact.
  • Stimulate thought and awareness of the applications and real-world importance of scientific study.
  • Promote a broad understanding of the multiple science based careers available, especially STEM based careers.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills required to secure outstanding GCSE grades as a stepping stone to pursuing sciences to degree level and beyond.

January 2022


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