School Day

Our School Day

Amendments to our school day take effect from September 2021. These changes allow us to be able offer more enrichments to students and dedicated intervention for those year group looking to take exams.

Each day is the same, with some year groups finishing at 3:10pm and others at 4pm. All students finish at 2:20pm on Fridays.

The structure of each day looks like this:

*KS3 is years 7,8 & 9
*KS4 is years 10 & 11
*KS5 is Meden College

Each year group has a slightly different pattern of finish times throughout the week which is summarised below.

We asked Parents/Carers for feedback and several questions were asked about the new school day. We summarised these in the downloadable document below

Q & As about the new school day

May 2022


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