Welcome to Engineering

Engineering is a broad field that offers exciting career opportunities where you'll get to be creative, solve problems and explore how things work every day. As you get older and are looking to move out into the world of work you will find that engineers are constantly in high demand, so you'll enjoy fantastic future prospects.

The subject brings together, and acts as the practical outworking of the learning from a wide range of other curriculum areas, particularly maths and science. The subject engenders and encourages resourcefulness, innovation and enterprise enabling learners to become those who have the potential to contribute to the quality, capability, culture, wealth and well-being of their community.


  • To enable students to develop a critical understanding of the world of Engineering and its impact on designs and products, on users, and on those around them, and the wider world – and thereby to understand how the work of the engineer can positively affect the lives of all.
  • To facilitate students in learning to apply the theoretical principles from the areas of maths and science to real world situations.
  • To encourage students to identify problems in the wider world and then to equip them to be able to looks for, develop and realise solutions to those problems.
  • To develop students understanding of, and experience with new technologies that are as relevant as possible to the modern world.
  • To develop and encourage manufacturing skills so highly valued within our community, with an emphasis on ensuring high quality.
  • To prepare students for progression to further and future study relating to the world of engineering.

If you would like a tour of our department or would like to ask any questions regarding the work that our students complete, please don't hesitate to get in contact with the school.


As I am sure you would both expect and agree we hold high expectations for all students who follow courses in Engineering. Students with be given challenging and aspirational targets and will then be supported in their effort to achieve these targets.

On a day to day and lesson by lesson basis the Engineering Department expects students to demonstrate all of the five key behaviours required for success and achievement. These are:

- Get involved and stay involved with what is going on.

- Know what success in the lesson will be.

- Work positively in your lessons

- Try more difficult things to stretch yourself and don’t be scared to get it wrong.

- Explain what you think as well as what you know.

Remember …..

“At its heart engineering is about using science to find creative practical solutions. It is a noble profession.”

Queen Elizabeth II


July 2024


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