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Welcome to the Psychology Department

Psychology is currently only offered as an A Level course.

What is Psychology A level about?

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. As a psychology student, you will be learning to explain everyday behaviours such as why it’s easy to remember what happened in Eastenders last night, but difficult to remember what you did in your History lesson! You will also learn to apply psychology to understanding significant world events like the Holocaust- psychology can help provide explanations for what led the Germans to kill so many innocent Jews.

What are Psychology lessons like?

Psychology lessons offer a variety of learning experiences. Lessons are often taught by replicating research, discussions, video clips or by working in groups or pairs.

Psychology is considered a science, and as such, students will be expected to draw on their experiences from GCSE Science in being able to talk about the use of experiments in research. Students will be able to identify the aim of an experiment, describe the procedure and analyse the results.

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