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Sociology is currently offered at GCSE and A Level.

What is Sociology about?

The focus of Sociology is on social structures and the influences from society which can affect the behaviour of people, their experiences, and their interpretations of the world around them.

Many students have said that ‘once you have studied Sociology you will never see the world in the same light again’.

What are Sociology lessons like?

Sociology lessons require students to be aware of current issues in society, particularly those linked to areas of the course such as families and education. Lessons tend to be discussion based, allowing students opportunities to explore the impact of social policy on society, such as the impact of EMA or the raising of the compulsory age to remain in education.

What skills and experience will I need to study Sociology?

It is essential that you be prepared to read around the subject and it would be of benefit if you have an interest in, and awareness of current affairs. 

At A level, a grade ‘B’ in English Language is preferable, as essay writing forms a large part of the assessment.

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