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AQABefore starting to revise the sociology AQA specification sets out what the exam board thinks you need to know is a good starting point for any student of A level Sociology
Tutor2uThis is website that can be used by students for extended reading, video’s, resources and extra support materials to guide their independent learning outside of the lesson
British Sociological AssociationThe British Sociological Association is the biggest network of sociologists in Britain, and its primary aim is to promote sociology. It does this through its website, and also through a number of public conferences and lectures, some of which focus on specific areas of sociology, such as the ‘Work, Employment and Society Conference’.
BBCThis is a great way of getting up to date information on a whole range of contemporary social research – the typical format is a sociologist summarizing their research and responding to questions from the host, or occasionally it may take the form of a ‘panel interview’ if there’s a broader topic under discussion.
BBCThis programme provides an in-depth, analytical look at public policy issues, and it’s presented by ‘distinguished writers and academics, so it really does ‘dig down’ into the issues. Topics for analysis are also very contemporary. For example – interesting episodes for sociology students include programmes on whether we unconsciously harbour racist or sexist attitudes and whether it’s genes or our social environment which influence our behaviour.


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