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“ Drama (as defined by NATE in Cracking Drama 2000) is ‘the collaborative exploration and analysis of meaning through the enactment of events’ . “ Key Stage 3 National Strategy Drama Objectives Bank.

Drama, like all the arts, is an active, reflective process by which people understand who they are and who they might become. In drama at Meden School students create fictional worlds to better understand their own real worlds. All students at Meden School learn in, through and about drama in their weekly lessons. We see it as our duty to develop students’ social and communicative skills to enable them to succeed in the future.

“ Drama’s distinctiveness lies in the fact that work takes place in a fictional environment with clearly defined boundaries: when acting in role as someone else, somewhere else, pupils look at their lives, identities, values and cultures in a place where their real status and identity are not at stake. “ Key Stage 3 National Strategy Drama Objectives Bank.

The Drama Department at Meden School aims to provide students with a range of opportunities to explore plays, issues and genres in a supportive and exciting environment. Drama is a unique learning medium and we aim to provide all students with a positive environment of trust and respect where every student has an equal opportunity to participate and succeed in the work.

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Extra Curricular Drama Activities

The Drama Department at Meden School offers all students the opportunity to become involved in extra-curricular Drama activities.

Each year the Drama Department's Intangible Inc Theatre Company produces a school production as part of the National Theatre Connections scheme, whereby students from Years 9 and 10 are encouraged to get involved either with performing or being part of the technical or back stage crew. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain more confidence with performing and working as a team to create a performance not only at Meden School but in a regional theatre as well.

Auditions take place at the start of the Autumn Term each year and students have to commit to regular after school rehearsals.

Previous productions have been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Oliver, Return to the Forbidden Planet, Eclipse, and James and the Giant Peach.

The Trapdoor Theatre Company also runs at Meden School and is open for all Key Stage 3 students to develop their acting skills. Students do not need to audition for this but will have to commit to regular lunch time rehearsals.

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