At Key Stage 4 students have 3 lessons a week in Year 10 and 11. Students will study BTEC Technical Award Level 2 in Performing Arts. As part of studying Component 1 students will be given the opportunity to see live theatre and evaluate the skills and techniques used.

Year 10

Component 1 – Exploring the Performing Arts (30%) Internally assessed.

  • Part A Study of three different pieces of repertoire with varying performance styles. Exploring the roles and responsibilities found in the theatre when working on the three pieces of repertoire.
  • Part B – Study of the Approaches/Processes and Techniques used in the three pieces of repertoire explored in Part A . Exploring and evaluating the effectiveness of the interrelationships of how the roles in the theatre work together to create and produce a successful performance.

Component 2 – Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts (30%) Internally assessed.

  • A Develop skills and techniques for performance – workshops developing vocal/physical and interpretative skills.

  • B Apply skills and techniques in rehearsal and performance – rehearsals of selected repertoire applying vocal, physical and interpretative skills . Performance of extract from repertoire in front of an audience.

  • C Review own development and contribution to the performance – An evaluation of vocal, physical, and interpretative skills used in workshops, rehearsals and the final performance.

Year 11

Component 3 – exam responding to a brief (40%) externally set.

Working in a group to create a short piece of theatre based around the themes of the brief.

  • A Developing ideas in Response to a Brief – 800 words Initial ideas, target audience, responses to the brief, the resources needed, the concept and style of the performance.

  • B Selecting and developing skills and techniques for a performance- 800 words Applying and developing vocal, physical and interpretative skills in rehearsals.

  • C Taking part in a workshop performance – Performance workshop.

  • D Evaluating the development process and performance outcomes. – 800 words Evaluating the effectiveness of the performance, was the brief met, what were the success as a group and individually in terms of of vocal, physical and interpretative skills used.

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