Year 11

Y11 Provision

Below are details of some work you can do until 28th June.

21st – 28th June: all students, no matter what they are planning to do, are invited to attend

A Level taster lessons at Meden College.

This is the timetable

Attending these sessions will give all students an insight into how different life is after Y11.

Activities to complete


The big 50 offline ppt (click to access)

50 short activities that are not online! These activities are designed to help you think about your future possibilities.

What makes a great leader? (click to access)

At some point in your future career, you will most probably lead other people. Working through this resource will help you to understand the qualities needed.

Communication. What makes you a great communicator!

Knowing how to communicate well is one of the most desirable qualities that employers ask for. Learn some key tips in this resource.

Oak Academy - Summer Classroom
Free lessons, resources and activities in five core subjects to keep you learning over summer
Barclays Life Skills
Register with Barclays Life Skills by following this link.
You will be able to access many incredibly useful resources, for example, on:
  • your skills, interests and personality traits
  • virtual work experience
  • how not to freeze in an interview
  • and much more
Studying at Liverpool University
Watch this video where a student talks about how he ended up studying history at Liverpool University.
Studying Medicine
Watch this video where Emily talks about studying medicine at university, so that she can become a Doctor
Apprenticeship Opportunities
Click on these links to find out about apprenticeship opportunities
Managing your time effectively
Click on this link to watch a video about how to manage your time effectively. As you start college or work, this will become a really important skill!
Planning your future
Click on this link to find out about the importance of, and how to plan, your future
Study Skills
This video helps you with study skills – if you are continuing with any type of study, this will really help you.
Growth Mindset
This video helps you to understand the importance of resilience and growth mindset.
Independent learning!!
At post-16 study, there are much greater expectations for you to complete your work without being reminded – find out how to do this effectively.
Performing your best!
Click on this video for advice on how to perform at your absolute best
Keeping track.
How to keep on track so that you succeed
The Oak National Academy
The Oak National Academy has put together 1000s of resources for students to be doing over the summer. Click on the link above to find some that interest you.
How to choose career

Meet the Year 11 2020 Team

Head of Year 11 : Mrs Taplin

11A Miss Clogg
11B Mr Byrne
11C Mr Bailey
11D Miss Kinney
11E Mr Bird
11F Mrs Michell

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