BTEC Tech Award in Engineering (Pearson)

This course is comprised of three components (each containing a number of Learning Aims) which in broad outline cover the following areas of study.

Component 1 – Learning Aim A

  • - Understand the interconnection between various engineering sectors and products.
  • - Make a detailed study of a product contributed to by a range of sectors.
  • - Examine in detail two engineering organisations of varying size and from differing sectors.
  • - Understanding the organisations structures, various roles, opportunities for career progression and the advantages/disadvantages of various engineering companies.

Component 1 – Learning Aim B

  • - Interpreting an Engineering Brief
  • - Producing Initial Design Proposals
  • - Computer Aided Design
  • - Generating Final Design Solutions and making final design solution decisions.
  • - Peer review, and responding to peer review.

Component 2 – Learning Aim A

  • - Understand a range of engineering materials and material areas
  • - Understand the properties and characteristics of engineering materials.
  • - Understand a range of proprietary and product specific engineering components.
  • - Understand a range of Engineering processes.

Component 2 – Learning Aim B

  • - Use Product Disassembly techniques effectively
  • - Use observing, recording, measurement, appraisal and interpretation skills to analyse an engineered product.
  • - Understand and be able to produce a Product Design Specification.

Component 2 – Learning Aim C

  • - Be able to develop, refine and follow an Engineering Production plan.
  • - Be able to carry out risk assessment, and work safely.
  • - Be able to use engineering processes to create and engineered product/component.
  • - Use observing, recording, measurement and evaluation skills to assess the manufactured product/component.

Component 3 – Learning Aim A

  • - Be able to accurately carry out engineering tests/procedures.
  • - Be able to record and display the data gathered from the test/procedure.
  • - Be able to interpret the data gathered.

Component 3 – Learning Aim B

  • - Interpretation of the brief for an engineered product.
  • - Redesign of that product in line with the engineering brief.
  • - Evaluation and justification of the redesigned engineered product.

Component 3 – Learning Aim C

  • - Analysis of Engineering Information in order to solve problems.
  • - Use engineering techniques to identify and select appropriate solutions to the problems identified.

Components 1 and 2 are assessed by a series of assignments. Component 3 is assessed by two externally set exams sat in Y11.

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