KS3 Programme of Study

Students in Key Stage 3 currently receive a double lesson (2 x 50 minutes) per week.

Students are encouraged to experience as many new sports as possible in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. Students will have the opportunity to engage in inter-house competitions as the year progresses.


Year 7 timetables

7m1 & 7m2


Year 8 timetables

8m1, 8m2 & 8m3

8m4 & 8m5

CORE PE Assessment

Students are assessed through a heads, hearts and hands score in CORE PE. The heads score is based on knowledge and understanding of the rules and tactics, the hands is their practical ability and hearts is the teamwork, leadership and communication that a child demonstrates. At the end of each sporting unit, the average score from the heads, hearts and hands score of each individual child is calculated. This is put onto a CORE PE top trump card that students keep throughout KS3.

February 2020


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