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Inspirational Year 7 Student

Avid reader, Megan Bingley inY7 has impressed us all with her latest read.

Mrs Kennedy, our librarian is so amazed by her passion for reading. "I have been blown away with Megan's ove of reading ever since she started at Meden but this week she has quizzed on War and Peace!!"

"Not only has she read the book which is no mean feat for someone of her age, but she scored 80% on the Accelerated Reading test which I'm sure you will all agree is absolutely astounding."

"As far as I'm aware, she is the first Meden student to read it let alone pass the quiz on it".

To celebrate Megan's achievement we will be displaying a photograph of Megan along with the book and the printout of the quiz results in the library for us all to see!

Well done Megan!

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