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Winter Term Maths Star Students

After such a fantastic winter term, there are many students that deserve to be recognised for their hard work and achievements. Star student nominations are reserved for those students who truly do stand out. They have made great progress in their own work and are a credit to the school.

The nominations are:

Year 11 Nominees

Chloe Whyle, Caitlin Parkin, Lily Khumalo, Josh Reed, Leah Green, Tessa Reynolds.

Year 10 Nominees

Megan Harris, Hattie Jones, Eve Collis, Emily Youd, Lauren Hind.

Year 9 Nominees

Taryn Dennis, Emma Barker, Amelia Kilby, Baily Wilkins, Lia Fowler.

Year 8 Nominees

Brandon Eaton, Lexi Carlin, Tegan Hall, Isla Emm, Francesca Cox, Izabel Corrigan, Emily Roberts, Alex Brown, Amelia Kilby.

Year 7 Nominees

Mollie Bedford, Sydnie Spencer, Ella Lincoln, Terry Chen, Kacey Buczko, Lauren Taylor, Katie Evans, Harry Wheatman. ​​

Well done to all nominations - keep up the brilliant effort!

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