We are committed to creating a supportive and caring learning community that gives all our students confidence, opportunity to achieve and prepares them for life after school.

We endeavour to provide a broad range of opportunities that not only develop pupils’ academic ability, but also nurture their personal growth. We encourage all stakeholders to conduct themselves in line with the two tenets of our ethos: hard work and kindness.

Through our curriculum we aim to-

  1. Ensure that our students love learning. Our students will be educated in an open inspiring and engaging environment. We want students to enjoy coming to school because of the positive relationships we have developed both inside and outside the classroom.
  2. Unlock the potential of our students. We want to design a curriculum that is not just ambitious but, that it is responsive to the needs of the students and the community which we serve. We want to give our students the knowledge and cultural capital they need to unlock amazing opportunities in life.
  3. Develop character and social capital. We want to develop our students’ character and give them the confidence to cope in any environment or situation. There will be plentiful opportunities for them to develop their communication skills which will help them thrive in society.
  4. Embed powerful knowledge and cultural capital. Our students will acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their own experiences to enable them to be socially mobile. Key knowledge will be carefully sequenced as part of an ambitious journey through the school.
  5. Make learning exciting, challenging and aspirational.
  6. Develop ownership of learning. The curriculum journey will be carefully mapped and sequenced. Students will work in partnership with all staff with the ultimate aim being that students will take ownership of this journey because they understand how this supports them to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

To support students through their curriculum journey staff will:

  1. Ensure that they are all curriculum leaders. Everyone will understand that they have a role to play in promoting social mobility by developing powerful knowledge, cultural capital and social capital.
  2. Think extremely deeply about curriculum planning and deliver an ambitious curriculum. At the heart of our aspirational curriculum lies a respect for the subjects we teach and for the insight that each provides into the world around us. We base our curriculum on what National and International research tells us. Our teachers will plan carefully and intelligently to ensure that all students make progress.

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