KS4 French

Below is information about our KS4 curriculum. Each drop down box contains the topics we cover. For more detail on the knowledge we teach, please click on each medium term plan. Our curriculum map shows the learning journey that our students embark upon.

In Year 10, students study the following topics:

Who am I?

  • What makes a good friend?
  • Role models
  • Family relationships
  • Going out
  • Younger life


  • Technology and TV
  • Online life
  • Discussing reading as a hobby
  • Discussing sport
  • Describing actors

My life

  • Talking about food and meals
  • Describing shopping for clothes and daily life
  • Talking about food for special occasions
  • Family celebrations
  • Festivals 
  • Traditions
  • Using polite language

In Year 11, students study the following topics:

Home life

  • Where you live
  • Home
  • Transport
  • Describing a town
  • Asking for directions
  • Discussing what to do and see
  • Discussing plans and the weather
  • Describing community projects
  • Talking about holidays using present, past and future tense


  • Describing your ideal holiday
  • Booking hotels and ordering in restaurants
  • Talking about travel
  • Buying souvenirs
  • Holiday disasters

School life

  • Describing school life
  • Comparing schools in the UK with French speaking countries
  • Discussing school rules
  • Discussing getting the best out of school
  • Talking about a school exchange
  • Being healthy


  • Discussing jobs, work preferences and career choices
  • Discussing future plans, hopes and wishes
  • The importance of languages
  • Applying for jobs

Wider world

  • Discussing protecting the environment
  • Discussing ethical shopping
  • Discussing volunteering
  • Discussing big events


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