Below is information about our KS3 curriculum. Each drop down box contains the topics we cover. For more detail on the knowledge we teach, please click on each medium term plan. Our curriculum map shows the learning journey that our students embark upon.

Curriculum Map

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In Year 7, students study the following topics:

All about you

  • Pronouncing vowels in Spanish
  • Greeting people in Spanish
  • Describing your personality
  • Talking about age, brothers and sisters
  • Saying when your birthday is
  • Using numbers and the alphabet
  • Talking about your pets
  • Making adjectives agree with nouns

Family life

  • Describing your family
  • Using predictive adjectives
  • Describing your hair and eye colour
  • Saying what other people look like
  • Describing where you live


  • Talking about sports
  • Giving opinions
  • Forming the present tense
  • Saying what you do

School life

  • Talking about subjects studied
  • Giving opinions about subjects
  • Describing school and talking about break times
  • Understanding  details about schools
  • Using prediction as a listening strategy

Year 7 MTP


In Year 8, students study the following topics:

Self and Family

  • Talking about oneself
  • Talking about your family members
  • Describing people's appearances


  • Talking about past holidays: what you did, what it was like, the last day.

All about you

  • Talking about your phone use
  • Talking about your favourite music
  • Talking about TV
  • Saying what you did yesterday
  • Understanding the TV guide

Year 8 MTP


In Year 9, students study the following topics:


  • Talking about past holidays


  • Giving opinions
  • Discussing meal times
  • Forming the near future tense

Healthy living

  • Talking about diet
  • Talking about an active lifestyle
  • Talking about daily routine
  • Talking about getting fit
  • Talking about ailments


  • Saying what you have to do at work
  • Saying what job you would like to do.
  • Talking about your future
  • Describing your job
  • Checking for accuracy and looking up new words
  • Coping with authentic texts

Year 9 MTP

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