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Pupils will be discussing the meaning of this quote.

  • Quote of the Week
    You don't learn by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over (15/01/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    Careers (08/01/2018)
  • Quote of the Week
    Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you will start to see a big difference in your life. (08/01/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    Pupils will be looking at the religious background of Christmas (11/12/2017)
  • Quote of the Week
    'Those who deny freedom to others derserve it not for themselves' (11/12/2017)
  • Me@Meden
    Kindness calendar (04/12/2017)
  • Me@Meden Sessions
    Careers focus (04/12/2017)
  • Quote of the Week
    'We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back' (04/12/2017)
  • Quote of the Week
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world-Nelson Mandela (20/11/2017)
  • Shoe box appeal
    Meden School sent over 35 shoe boxes to less fortunate children around the world (20/11/2017)

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