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Me@Meden Sessions

What does it mean to be British?

What is democracy? Why is democracy important in Britain?

Finding out about British laws and why they are helpful to us.

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  • Me@Meden
    Tutorial time (12/02/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    British Values (12/02/2018)
  • Quote of the Week
    It doesn't matter what others are doing, it matters what you are doing. (12/02/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    British Values: Individual Liberty (05/02/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    LGBT History Month (05/02/2018)
  • Quote of the Week
    Bill Gates 'If you are born poor its not your fault. If you die poor it is your fault' (05/02/2018)
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    First Aid Training (05/02/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    Luvu2 Performance for year 8 (05/02/2018)
  • Me@Meden
    British Values: Individual Liberty (29/01/2018)
  • Quote of the Week
    Failure is feedback. Learn from it. Grow from it. And never be afraid to start over. (29/01/2018)

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February 2018


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