AS/A Level Drama

AS Level

Unit 1 Exploration of Drama and Theatre: 40%: Controlled Assessment: " A Doll's House" Henrik Ibsen and "Metamorphosis": Steven Berkoff.

Here students study two contrasting plays through practical exploration and written explorative notes. Students also write an evaluation of a live theatre performance they have attended.

Unit 2: Theatre Text in Performance: 60%: Practical Exam: Section A: A performed monologue or duologue in front of a live audience and an external examiner.

In this unit, students take part in a performance of a recognised play under the direction of their class teacher. Students also present a monologue or duologue and provide a concept for their interpretation of their chosen roles. This unit is externally assessed.

A Level

Unit 3: Exploration of Dramatic Performance

This unit asks students to create an original piece of devised theatre as part of a group. They must research and develop their ideas, as well as present their work. Students also complete an evaluation of both the process and the performance work.

Unit 4 : Theatre Text in Context

This takes the form of a 2hr 30 min written exam in 3 sections. Sections A and B focus on one of the exam boards set text "Lysistrata", which the students study in lessons. Students then write from the point of view as a director. Section C requires students to write about theatre across different time periods and refer this to a live performance they have experienced.



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