As I am sure you would both expect and agree we hold high expectations for all students who follow courses in  Design and Technology.  Students with be given challenging and aspirational targets and will then be supported in their effort to achieve these targets.

On a day to day and lesson by lesson basis the Design & Technology Department expects students to demonstrate all of the ten key behaviours required for success and achievement.  These are:

  1. Get involved and stay involved with what is going on.
  2. Know what success in the lesson will be.
  3. Know what your targets are and how to reach them.
  4. Collect and organise the information you will need
  5. Work positively in your lessons
  6. Try more difficult things to stretch yourself and don’t be scared to get it wrong.
  7. Explain what you think as well as what you know.
  8. Check how well you are doing by asking your teacher.
  9. Review what you have learned and how you have learned it.
  10. Plan how you’ll use your new skills in different subjects.

Remember …..

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.”

 Charles F. Kettering  (American engineer, inventor of the electric starter, 1876-1958)