In Business at KS4, we study the Cambridge National Enterprise and Marketing qualification. The key aims of our curriculum are:

  • To inspire future entrepreneurs which can contribute to the 21st century world of work in a variety of aspects linked to business & enterprise career roles
  • To promote an enjoyment and interest in the subject which can be strengthened and developed over time
  • To develop key business & enterprise values
  • To exploit opportunities to experience the world of work, including work experience and industry visits

Students are given the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of key transferable skills that can be progressively developed leading to a successful career pathway in business & enterprise.

Below is more detailed information about our KS4 curriculum. Each drop down box contains the topics we cover. For more detail on the knowledge we teach, please click on each medium term plan. Our curriculum map shows the learning journey that our students embark upon.

August 2022


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