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  • Quote of the Week

    You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice

    This week during tutorial students will be discussing this quote and when it has applied to their lives

    Posted 23/04/2018 by SMSC / British Values

  • Me@Meden Sessions

    Online grooming

    This week during Me@Meden session students will be learning how to stay safe online and what online grooming is

    Posted 23/04/2018 by SMSC / British Values

  • Belgium trip

    Amazing time in Belgium

    Students and staff had a great time learning about World War 1 in Belgium.

    Posted 17/04/2018 by History

  • Quote of the Week

    Your mind is like a parachute it only works when it's open

    Posted 17/04/2018 by SMSC / British Values

  • Me@Meden Sessions


    This week during Me@Meden sessions year 7-10 will be learning about Cyberbullying.

    Posted 17/04/2018 by SMSC / British Values

  • Spring Maths Star Students

    The nominations are...

    After such a fantastic spring term, there are many students that deserve to be recognised for their hard work and achievements. Star student nominations are reserved for those students who truly do stand out. They have made great progress in their own work and are a credit to the school.

    The nominations are:


    Abbie Goddard, Maryann Dobb, Jack Peterson, Kieralou O’Shea, Carlie Longmate


    Billie Slinn, Oliver Wigglesworth, Amelia Harris, Josh Reed, Charli Williams

    Yr 9:

    Abbie Davidson, Sophie Booth, Kira Bown, Lewis Finch, Emma Peel



    Posted 04/04/2018 by Mathematics - Read more

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