Highest Achievers

Highest achieving students are those who earn the greatest number of achievement points in a given week.

Each week the 'Top 3 Highest Achievers' are identified in each year group.

Well done to the following students:

Week ending Top Achiever Top Achiever Top Achiever
8/9/17 Thomas Hufton Jake Henderson Tommy Quick
15/9/17 Abbie Goddard Kieran Collins Daniel Whatmore
22/9/17 Harry Amos Chloe Holden Kym Johnson
29/9/17 Rhea Jabanda Georgia Haslam Jasmin Parkin
13/10/17 Kia Hubbard Jazmin Draper Jake Henderson
06/10/17 Ashley Lobley Kieran Collins Alex Otvos
10/11/17 Harry Amos Kiera-Lou O'Shea Amy Parsons
23/11/17 Tommy Quick Ashleigh Lobley Julia Parry
01/12/17 Abbie Goddard Peter Sims Dalton Bates-Cooper
08/12/17 Harry Amos Kieran Collins Daniel Whatmore
12/01/18 Abbie Goddard Jake Henderson Nathan Wilkinson

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  • 26/2/18 1st day back after half term break
  • 14/3/18 World Pi Day (Mathematics)
  • 29/3/18 Last day of half term before Easter break
  • 30/3/18 Good Friday
  • 2/4/18 Easter Monday
  • 16/4/18 1st day back after Easter break

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