Geography Trips

At Meden School we believe that you can learn a lot from getting out there and exploring.

Putting into practice field work techniques, investigating patterns and testing whether the theories are correct is an ideal way to learn.

We offer fieldwork opportunities to all key stages.

In 2015 year 11's visited the Peak District and spent the day focusing on how rural areas are managed.

Also in 2015 a number of year 9 and 10 GCSE geographers visited London as part of a residential focusing on the Olympics and urban regeneration in Canary Wharf.

Year 8 students conduct a local fieldwork enquiry, introducing them to skills and techniques geographers use.

At Meden we also offer fieldwork experiences to our feeder primaries 

Here a few of our best snaps from the 2015/2014 Post 16 residential to Dorset:

Lulworth Cove 2014

August 2017


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