House System

Every student at Meden School belongs to a House.

We are aware that moving to a large secondary school from a small primary school can sometimes feel like very big step. Belonging to a House helps our students feel part of a smaller community within the larger whole school community, providing a place of security, support and friendship.

Sharing a House with fellow pupils gives an ideal opportunity to learn about the values of tolerance, support, courtesy and friendship. It is no coincidence that some of the strongest life-long friendships are made within Houses.

Challenger House

31415 points

Endeavour House

34784 points

Discovery House

34262 points

To emphasise the feeling of belonging to a team, our school uniform identifies students as belonging to the school community, but each House has its own tie embroidered with the House logo. This ensures that every student is instantly recognisable as belonging to a particular House.

Each House logo is made up of a different element of the Meden School badge. A variety of designs were presented to the Student Council so that they could choose their favourite design.